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Supply chain success starts with information, data, and expertise. Reach your goals with C.H.?Robinson.

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Smart solutions solve your top supply chain challenges

When it comes to supply chain opportunities, C.H. Robinson’s connectivity to companies that range from complex global shippers to local businesses, spanning a wide range of industries, is unmatched. Using our experience, we have identified the top supply chain challenges in North America and have the insights and expertise you need to overcome them.

Top shipper challenges


Using supply chain data to create savings

There is more data today than ever before, and having access to the right data is only the first step. If you’re like many companies, your primary challenge is knowing what to do with your supply chain data once you’ve captured it. C.H. Robinson’s strategic experience and analytics capabilities provide actionable insights. This enables you to identify and act on your largest savings opportunities.

Do you face these common data problems?
Having inaccurate or incomplete data
Knowing how to find and access data (i.e., TMS, carriers, ERP, WMS, etc.)
Knowing how to use data to uncover opportunities
Identifying what metrics are important to analyze against initiatives

Insights to overcome this challenge

Five insights to use supply chain data to create savings

Get smart solutions with C.H.?Robinson

With 18 million shipments annually flowing through Navisphere?, our global, multimodal platform, we capture a powerful amount of data on price, cost, and more. The combination of your raw supply chain data and C.H. Robinson’s data technology tools allow our supply chain experts to identify opportunities for your company.

Real-time insights and visibility
200K customers and carriers connected to our platform
Reduced pricing volatility
18 million shipments annually
Improved efficiencies through our world class platform
650 million digital interactions annually

Our experience and scale deliver a unique information advantage, creating better outcomes for our customers.

Reach your goals with C.H.?Robinson's information advantage

Put our data scientists to work analyzing your raw supply chain data against C.H.?Robinson's industry-leading information. Using the visibility and insights we provide, together we can execute on prioritized opportunities.

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