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We’re all in this together

We have something in common with our customers, contract carriers, suppliers, and communities. All of us want to create more efficient and cost-effective supply chains. Because we know that greater efficiency is not just smart for business, it can impact the world for generations to come. This core value is reflected in our sustainability initiatives.

When a customer planned to open a new facility, we helped evaluate possible locations. Based on our analysis—which paired the environmental impacts with financial savings—the customer opened a new redistribution center in a strategic location. In the process, they shaved 597,000 miles a year off their transportation requirements. That’s just one way driving efficiency can reduce environmental impact.

Working together, we can all make a difference

In our work, we create transportation efficiencies that help reduce waste and optimize assets.
To do this, we:

  • Help contract carriers leverage backhaul capacity to reduce empty miles.
  • Optimize loads and modes to reduce miles and more effectively utilize transportation equipment.
  • Provide network analysis to help minimize inventory and transportation miles.
  • Consolidate smaller loads into larger trailers and containers to reduce the total number of shipments that need transporting.
  • Shorten the distance from farm to table and strengthen local economies through legacy and regional farming programs.
  • Reduce paper waste by driving toward 100% paperless invoicing
  • Participate in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Transport Partnership, which measures and benchmarks freight transportation efficiency.
  • Work with institutions like MIT to more accurately measure carbon emissions (see our white paper, A New Model for Estimating Carbon Emissions from LTL Shipments).

Corporate social responsibility

Continuous improvement efforts aren’t reserved for supply chains. We apply the same strategy to our corporate social responsibility initiatives. Because truly, sustainability is a journey. We’ve gathered details about our current environmental and social sustainability efforts in a comprehensive report.

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